Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leave Ole Russ & Wossy alone!

So I am pleasantly surprised when I see on my iTunes that this week Russell's podcast is co-hosted by Jonathan Ross because, although Ross is an egotistical twat really, him and Russ are usually quite funny together.
During the show, Russell calls Manuel to interview him, sorry Andrew Sachs, who doesn't pick up and they leave an answerphone message in which Jonathan, erm lets slip, that Russell has had sex with Sachs' granddaughter from the Satanic Sluts (who Russell talked about in last week's podcast with David Beddiel).
Then they made a few answerphone messages after, to apologize...
What can you expect from two immature men who often act like cheeky children? You can expect a right laugh.

Georgina, Andrew Sachs' granddaughter, has spoken and said "I DID sleep with Brand but he and Ross should still be sacked". Hmm. Read this for more.

Everyone has felt the need to talk about this to the press, including our lovely PM Gordon Brown and Piers Morgan (who described the incident as a "cruel stunt"... i think cruelty looks more like this, no?).
Isn't Brown supposed to be like running the country or something?

I really don't see the big deal it's just an old guy who has no sense of humour. So they received a few complaints... 18,000 to be more exact... just because a lot of people say the same thing it doesn't mean they're all right.
So Russell and Jonathan have been suspended from the Beeb.
Come on guys, don't be so pathetic! The media have totally blown it out of proportion and it really shouldn't result in there being front cover stories about this phone call.

Russell Brand has resigned over the "prank calls".
Shit. Now he's quit the BBC, no more Russell Brand Show (no more Matt Morgan!). What am I going to listen to now? No other podcast can be compared to the RBS. I guess music will have to do.
Jonathan Ross Show should be recorded today but hasn't been because of his suspension so no Wossy this week.
Andrew Sachs is a bloody killjoy that's all I can say for him.

Ghost Town

Gervais stars in this romcom, which is more com than rom as it's hilarious. Ghost Town is about a lonely dentist (Ricky Gervais) who's a misanthropist. When he has an operation which results in a near-death experience, he starts seeing ghosts and meets Frank (Greg Kinnear). I have loved Greg Kinnear ever since I saw As Good As It Gets years ago, one of my favourite films.

For some reason, this received average reviews... I don't know why.
I am, admittedly, a big Ricky Gervais fan (The Office, Extras, The Ricky Gervais Show..etc) but I think anyone with a good sense of humour will like it.
The humour is oh so Ricky and you can really see he ad-libbed his way through the film, he blows everyone off the screen.