Monday, May 17, 2010

A bit of Topshop browsing

I love looking at all the beautiful garments on Topshop, yet hate it too. I want to spend hundreds of pounds I haven't got on all these lovely things. It's so tempting just to add it all to my basket... I must resist.

I adore yuki dresses and there are some beauties in Topshop at the moment:




Yup, I sure love lace.
Pair these with some pearls, a leather jacket and converses and voila!
They are a bit costly though and there are similar cheaper dresses in Portobello Market sold by Japanese ladies.

There's also this floral dress by Love that I'm loving:


This 'Barbara Dress' by Motel:


And this 'Western Lace' maxi dress:

I would not buy this however because maxi dresses are a little too maxi on me... I could cut it but I only do that to cheap finds, not 45 quid Topshop dresses.

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