Thursday, May 20, 2010

kitten heels

I hate big feet in kitten heels.
Firstly, either wear heels or don't.
I also hate big feet in very high heels but that's because I don't think it's fair when tall people tower over me already that they should get even taller. So that's a personal issue.
But the long shoe with the silly pointless pathetic little heel is simply ugly and just makes me squirm and feel awkward in myself.

Theresa May, our lovely new home secretary, has a liking for kitten heels as well as having quite big feet (although i'm a 3/4 so most people have big feet to me) which just adds to my dislike for her and the whole kitten heels + big feet thing.

two of May's manifestations of her liking of animal and little heels

I reckon anyone who reads this will disagree with everything I've said but oh well.


theundergroundrestaurant said...

I'd be interested to know exactly what size feet she has.
It's sort of become a trade mark for her hasn't it?

jack said...

Perfectly agree with your thoughts. Kitten heels are a cop out. Woman it up and get some real heels on.