Friday, June 18, 2010

Pictures of trees

I really like taking pictures of trees. A lot of people do though, which annoys me. It means my pictures of trees won't be the best pictures of trees. But I'm going to show you some I've taken anyway.... (pictures of trees that is).

A Hyde Park tree.

My friend has a massive field behind her house (she lives in Dulwich - ie the middle of nowhere).

This was taken last summer at sunset in Cannes. Magical right?

This I used as a concept for my last Art GCSE project. The contrast between urbanisation and nature and, as the leaves are in quite bad form, modernisation/industrialisation eating away at nature? That kinda thing.

Same idea.

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theundergroundrestaurant said...

Nice pictures of trees. You need to go to hampstead heath, they have good trees there.