Friday, June 18, 2010

You know the angels wanna wear my red shoes

This week I decided to splash out in accordance with the end of exams.
I shopped on High Street Ken on Wednesday and in Westfields yesterday.
I quite overspent and many of the items were too expensive really... but I was in a 'fuck it' spending mood.
Here are my buys:

A rather costly Minkie dress found in Topshop (£45)

Simple beige dress from Topshop (£16)

Green & white sleeveless cardie - beachy - from TK Maxx (£15)
Black lace slag heels - TK Maxx (£25)

Red shoes from TK (£15)

P.S. In reference to a previous post - in Topshop I applied a tester of that Sun Shower Crayon and the next day it was still firmly on. It isn't one of those eye-shadows that come off in a few hours, it took some real rubbing to get it off even the next day. I love that kind of make-up. Recommended.