Thursday, July 15, 2010

L.A. Women

Georgia and Celine

On a lighter note, my bestest bestest friends have flown over from Los Angeles to stay in London for a couple of weeks. I went to primary school with these twins that I've missed dearly since they left 3 years ago. Therefore I have been spending every waking moment with them.

They moved from Ldn to L.A. for their dad's acting career as the amount of jobs there is obviously beyond comparison. He is doing very well there but purely for selfish reasons I so want them to return. They hated it for years, in particular the school they attended (LILA I think) and the wanky superficial Americans.

To celebrate their arrival I had a BBQ for everyone who attended L'île Aux Enfants, the tiny French primary school near Gospel Oak, in my year. Mother also blogged about it of course, although she was more interested in the food (which noone ate, way too healthy).
My friend Martine took some photos:

We've also become obsessed with cards, mostly playing Bullshit or Speed.

Celine in Cafe Nero with Shaheen, their American friend

Georgia shuffling in a kitchen

In my garden

Georgia, a little drunk, falling asleep on her cards

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