Thursday, July 15, 2010

Raoul Moat

Well we've got quite a bit of catching up to do. Haven't written anything for a week as I've been actually having a life (!). Actually I was ill for a bit too... Dammit I'm uncool again.

If you've read the title of this blog post you've probably just sighed and are ready to wince at my opinion on this touchy subject. I just wanted to write briefly about the statements people have declared, notably "R.I.P RAOUL MOAT YOU LEGEND! ♥" (the title of the now notorious Facebook group that currently 37,767 people have 'liked'). I do indeed think it's disgusting to call the murderer a "legend" and I'm shocked at the public's reaction. Raoul Moat was responsible for the wounding of his ex-girlfriend, the death of her partner and the blinding of a police officer.

One of the reasons for calling him a legend, and putting a heart in the same sentence as his name, is that he reportedly had a troublesome childhood. Well so did Rose and Fred West. There aren't any groups calling them legends, although they too were both abused by their parents.

Another reason is that he hid from the police for a number of days, which is deemed an admirable feat by some, and shot an officer in the head. These commentators clearly share Moat's hate for the police. I think it's reasonable to hate the concept of the police, or the corruption that goes on, or the laws they enforce, but the individuals themselves? Really?

Other justifications are just moronic racist/sexist scrawls. Many blame his ex-girlfriend. "If his stupid ass ex-bitch hadn't lied none of this would have happened" wrote one person. Another commented "so sad this beautiful young man is dead yet we got immigiants roaming the streets alive. fuked up world man". Some are self-contradictory and make no sense whatsoever ("FUCKIN LEGEND ??, NO.. he wasnt in the wrong but he deserved to die .. he should have killed that Samatha BITCH !! , its ALL HER FAULTT!!! KMT").


msmarmite lover said...

Very good point about the Wests.
It's also interesting comparing it to the Jesse James film I watched recently. Jesse James was a violent criminal who believed in slavery. But he has been mythologised to the extent that he is now seen as a Robin Hood character and is played by Brad Pitt.

rockmother said...

Yes. Brilliant point about the Wests. I like your writing.

CellarDoor said...

@msmarmitelover : Except Jesse James was seen as a Robin Hood character at the time also, that's why we know about him.

@rockmother : Thank you for reading and commenting, finally someone apart from my mother has!