Monday, July 14, 2008

Alice Glass

Alice Glass is my most recent obsession. She is my idol.
I'm always wondering what she's like... There are no video interviews, that I can find, of her or Crystal Castles. According to Edgar Smith, from Time Out who interviewed them, said she is "the sociable half [of Crystal Castles]". I have an interview with NME but it's not on camera, it just appeared in the magazine: that's how I discovered them. I know she smokes, gets annoyed easily, hates action comics and computer games and wants their music to make you vomit.
I think she has a wicked attitude and we would get on well.
I've liked Crystal Castles for about 6 months but I had never seen them live until I saw them at Glastonbury at the John Peel stage, and shit they were amazing.
Alice, now a fashion icon, rebelled from the first song to their last, which was not long after because they stopped playing after about 6 songs. They did their best ones though, like their most famous I think, Alice Practise (which is, according to them, a recording of alice practising which they put on their myspace page and became a song, although some, like NME, say it's too perfect). Alice climbed, stood on the drumkit and even walked through the press to touch the crowd (and that was just the first song).
I thought they were great. Confused when Alice just walked off and stopped, I asked Security why Crystal Castles had stopped playing and he said she just wandered off. Later I heard they were kicked off stage...

According to my mates, I look like Alice. I would like to think I do. Her style is pretty unique: black bob, pencil skirts, converses, couloured tights, black eye make-up, Star Wars and Minnie Mouse tees and cardigans. You can see I spend alot of time thinking about it.

Also, check out the clip of Crystal Castles on an episode of Skins (two of my most favourite things in the world, you can imagine my face when I saw it) which is here.


fran said...

I think you're a stupid idealistic child. Alice Glass is Alice fucking glass. You're not. You are to Alice Glass as a first grader is to Hannah Montana. Get over yourself. Oh, and you should invest in spell check.

juji said...

Damn fran hated hard on you, lol! Your spelling is fine. Fucking grammer Nazi's. You are so lucky you were at that show...I saw them at a small venue but she wasn't as active as the videos I have seen of that show.

Jane Doe said...


CellarDoor said...

Well fran i wrote this quite a while ago but even reading through it now i can't see any spelling mistakes. Oh and I'm sorry you're such a seemingly unhappy person.

Thanks juji.