Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The History Boys

I love this film, it is also one of my many favourites.
The story and acting is brilliant.
The film is about this boys' school in Sheffield and these boys (who are all wicked characters) are studying for their entrance exam for Oxbridge. The headmaster gets in a tutor, Irwin, to help them but they are not used to his teaching because their two other teachers are very laid-back in comparison. They grow to like him.
My grandparents review was: "It's too gay". But my gma reads The Daily Mail so...

The cast:
The General Studies teacher: Hector (played by Richard Griffiths, who I love and adore)
The headmaster: (played by Clive Merrison)
The tutor: Irwin (played by Stephen Campbell Moore, who I also love and adore and is so sexy even though he is a right nerdy twit in it. He was in Ashes To Ashes too)
The History teacher: Mrs Lintott (played by Frances De La Tour, who is also Hagrid's date in the HP films)
The boys are:
Dakin, my favourite who is really sexy also (Dominic Cooper, who is now in Mamma Mia!)
Posner, who is so sweet (Samuel Barnett)
Timms (James Corden)
Rudge (Russell Tovey, who was in an episode of Doctor Who and Ashes To Ashes)
Akthar (Sacha Dhawan)
Crowther (Samuel Anderson)
Lockwood (Andrew Knott)
Scripps (Jamie Parker)

My favourite quotes:
* - Posner: I'm a Jew, I'm small, I'm homosexual, and I live in Sheffield. I'm fucked.
* - Rudge: How do I define history? Well it's just one fucking thing after another.
* - Headmaster: We're low in the league. I want to see us up there with Manchester Grammar, Haberdasher Askes, Leighton Park... or is that an open prison? 
* [Dakin is annoyed because he thinks Irwin doesn't like him]
   - Posner: But he doesn't understand, Irwin DOES like him. He seldom looks at anyone else.
   - Scripps: How do you know?
   - Posner: Because nor do I. Our eyes meet looking at Dakin.
* - Dakin: What happened with Hector? On the bike?
   - Scripps: As per. Except I managed to get my bag down. I think he thought he'd got me going. In fact it was my Tudor Economic Documents, Volume 2.

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WestlyNeverDies said...

OH i love this movie too! it's so brilliant!