Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mighty Boosh

I know there must be so many posts about the Boosh on these blogs, I have read alot of them, but I just have to join in and do one to because I do think I am definitely one of the most obsessed in the world.

A conversation cannot be had with me without a Mighty Boosh quote or reference. I can't help myself, Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) constitute a very large part of my brain activity.

Now, I really dislike it when people mix up the characters' personalities with Noel and Julian's personalities 'cos they are different. So I'll start with the characters.

Vince, is just pure amazing. He's very stylish (in a totally unique and strange way), loves his hair, electro music, fashion and parties. Here's a convo from the episode 'Charlie':
Vince: I like thick girls. Girls who like bright colours, dancing, soft fabrics.
Howard: Don't you want an equal?
Vince: Yeah!
(By the way as soon as you can do that, remember conversations and long quotes, you're a Mighty Boosh fan).

Howard, is also pure amazing but gets slightly less attention from fangirls, probably mostly to do with a few facts: he loves Jazz (or Jazz-Fusion or Jazz-Funk), has tiny eyes, never gets any female attention in the series (apart from Precious Lillywhite, a coconut doll he made in episode 'Nightmare of Milky Joe'), is very pretentious but never gets anywhere and hates criticism and, very unlike Vince, doesn't believe in accessories.

In one interview, I remember Noel saying that someone else said (I can't remember who or the exact quote, my memory is actually quite immensely shit), that Noel was more intelligent than Vince and Julian less intelligent than Howard. Which is probably true, imo.

If you want to check out their earlier work, watch (Un)Natural Acts.


Alice~Teh~Yay said...

you love The Mighty Boosh, I love you!!

CellarDoor said...

I love you too!